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How is menopause impacting your sex-life?

Last week, I went more in depth about Susan, a 56 year old professional woman experiencing various menopause symptoms, including a decrease in libido. By now, you should know that sexual response is not just physical, but also heavily involves mental and emotional components.

Susan who (due to stigma imposed on her during childhood), is embarrassed to talk about sex, has not explored her own body and cannot clearly express her needs to her husband because she fears being judged, is having a really tough time navigating sex in midlife. On top of that, she has too much on her plate: stress from work, far away kids in college and the possibility that her mother might move in with them. YIKES! Susan is overwhelmed and in desperate need of guidance. If Susan were my patient, during our appointment I would review all aspects of the sex cycle including her sexual drive or spontaneous urge to rush directly home after work, get naked and jump into bed with her partner, neglecting all domestic responsibilities. Sounds like fun, but is it realistic? Perhaps, immediately after marriage and before kids or career progression, but now, with arthritis, back-pain, erectile difficulties, fatigue, menopausal moodiness and a receding retirement date, it’s not likely that she will break the speed limit to get home for sex. Many women find themselves in the same boat as Susan and they are all still normal.

What's important for women to realize is that they are not alone—over 6000 women enter menopause daily in the U.S. If you need help managing your menopause symptoms and feel overwhelmed in this phase of life, join the waitlist for Meaningful Menopause—coming to device near you!

Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels


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