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Embracing Liberation & Freedom

Are you getting excited about the upcoming holidays?

Planning to spend quality time sharing meals, creating special connections and diving into memorable conversations?

We are too!

And before we pivot, let's celebrate where we've been through the inspiring words of EWC Facilitator Lisa Burchartz. Remember that as you celebrate, you integrate and weave the golden threads of positive life experiences into your "being".

Whether you were with us in Circle or with us in spirit, come along and feel the warmth and love evoked by our membership memories so that, together, we can view the new year through the lens of where we’ve been and where we aspire to go. 

Reflecting on our 2023 EWC Fall Season, We are thrilled to share the echoes of wisdom from our esteemed guest speakers; Carolyn Swora, Sierra Bender, Ellie Ballentine, and Janiece Willams.

Gratitude abounded, creating a tapestry of warmth and connection—a journey enriched by each courageous member. 

Together, we reveled in shifts in awareness, personal highlights, and inspired actions sparked by our phenomenal speakers. Shedding what no longer serves us, we welcome 2024 with a sense of liberation and freedom (words from our membership).

In our space, vulnerability found its home, and each woman became a mirror reflecting overlooked gifts and untapped potential. The freedom to show up without judgment allowed us to bask in the joy of authentic connection. 

Loneliness dissolved into a shared sense of belonging, affirming that we are enough just as we are.

Our journey affirmed that there's nothing "wrong" with us. While our nervous systems may get caught in worry, we learned to retrain our minds and anchor ourselves in the safety of the present moment. Healing and freedom guided our path as we celebrated every subtle shift and action taken. No room for perfectionism here!

Carolyn, Sierra, Ellie, and Janiece offered invaluable gifts:

  • Carolyn: Illuminated that trauma is part of the human experience, and our nervous system is a leadership tool. Simple daily practices build resilience.

  • Sierra: Embodied empowerment through her Goddess pose and powerful questions, emphasizing that it's not just about learning new skills but embodying them.

  • Ellie: Shifted our perspective with the insight that sometimes, it's not hard; it's new. Embracing the messy middle became an invitation to find hope and upgrade our mindset.

  • Janiece: Unveiled the superpower of vulnerability and the clarity born from discomfort. Connecting to our suppressed feelings and needs has the power to “bring us home” to a greater possibility for our lives.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we leave behind self-doubt, excessive worry, and impossible standards. 

Stepping into 2024, we carry a lightness of being, more joy, optimism, and fierce compassion. Together, we welcome a year of connection, wonder, and the full experience of our BIGNESS.

Curious about joining us for our Winter Season? Whether you've been following us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, we invite you to become a part of this transformative journey. Cheers to the wisdom we've gained and the joy that awaits us in the Winter season ahead. 

Join us at our January 18th Visioning Event as we curate the year with renewed purpose and inspired action - we invite you to experience the power of community for yourself.


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