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3 Steps to Powerful Intentions

We have 3 kids and Jeremy and I are awe-struck by how different they are as human-beings. They come into this world with different personalities and perspectives. Despite receiving very similar "conditioning" from us (including a set of twins!), they have grown into individual people with their own ways of doing things. It's so beautiful to be doing life alongside them.

Without giving away any family secrets, we have one child who pushes to be productive with every minute of their day. Another who prefers to wander around and see where the breeze blows. And a third who aspires to be the absolute best at everything and uses a multitude of ways to get there, some hard-driving and some more playful. What astounds me is that all 3 our kids are successful in their own right, with their own approach.

Life continues to sand their edges based on how they push up against it, just as it does for you and me.

We were together over the holidays and I began to watch, more closely, all the ways these amazing people step into their dreams and it made me wonder how many pathways there are to success (and how many definitions of success there must be).

As we do each year, we created a "Hansen Vision Board" to summarize our personal aspirations for 2024.

Entering a New Year is exciting, uplifting and exhilarating but it can also feel a bit overwhelming when there is so much to do and so many things we desire to actualize.

Are you a goal setter?

Do you appreciate discipline?

Do you resist hard timelines?

Are you an intuitive who feels her way through life, doing only what "feels" ready to be done?

In this video above, I share the 3 ways that I lean into my New Year's dreams.

This is a 3-step process that magnetizes me toward my intentions year after year and I am over-joyed to share it with the women who are attending our EWC 2024 Visioning Event on Jan 18, 2024.

May you find it valuable too, whether you are doing it alongside us or on your own.

  1. Alignment: Tune in with the deepest yearnings and unrealized potentials in all aspects of life (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, relational, financial). We use an experiential practice and the EWC Wellness Wheel to consider where energy is richest and where it feels good to focus effort and resources.

  2. Clarity: Akin to focusing the lens on a camera or a guitar string to a tuning fork. You can't do it all so where do you start? What grounded intentions can you set that will create tangible next steps for the year ahead? Different than goals, these intentions are rooted in your body's wisdom about what brings you joy, meaning and fulfillment.

  3. Commitment: It's so much easier and fun to actualize your dreams alongside other powerful women who are doing the same. Within a Circle of support, women come together to mirror, sponsor and amplify each other. We encourage you to find a group of people who will be your compassionate accountability partners as you live life fully expressed this year.

We encourage EWC members to continually work with these inner messages throughout our time together so that life becomes enlivened with outer success and fueled by inner joy.

Watch the video here and we hope that you glean a couple gems for your year ahead!!

*This exercise was adapted from an intention-setting practice developed by Claire Zammit PhD, Institute for Women-Centered Coaching & Facilitation.


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