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What women are saying about The Empowered Women's Circle

With just 9 days until the start of our 2023 Fall Guest Speaker Series presented by The Empowered Women’s Circle, I want you to see for yourself the impact this community has had on our members’ lives over the past few years.

The Empowered Women's Circle showed me how important it is to carve time for myself and it is always a pleasure to meet all of the different members and connect with one another. EWC is the special ingredient into my joyous life recipe. - Anne, 2023 The Empowered Women's Circle has opened my eyes to the possibility of having balance in our lives, more at ease/peace with where we're at, and more joy. - Jessica, 2022

I’ve tried countless groups and programs over the years to support personal growth, clarity, meaning, and connectedness but nothing even comes close to the magic created in The Empowered Women's Circle and the deep understanding Catherine has for women and their needs. Although I’m only at the beginning of my journey, I’m already eternally grateful for the time I’ve spent in this circle and am filled with excitement and hope for the future.

- Wendy, 2021

The Empowered Women’s Circle is a safe space for sharing and growth with a diverse group of talented women contributing in their own unique way and was the catalyst in achieving what I had set out to do this summer. I love meeting, learning from and sharing with the women that Catherine brings together.

It's like a weekly dose of well-being!

- Renee, 2021 The Empowered Women Circle has become a safe place where I can turn dreams into reality. I have been given a toolbox that gives me the freedom to accomplish visions I never thought possible. Every time I uncover a vision of what I deeply desire, the Circle of support walks with me until it becomes reality. -Malin, 2020 The Empowered Women's Circle provides a space and structure that enables me to live my inner life. I am bringing my hopes and wishes to life with practical steps and actions. Having other women witness my commitments creates a sensitive, supportive accountability. From that I am realizing a fuller life. -Rose, 2020

Although this season of The Empowered Women’s Circle is different from previous seasons, I’m confident that our Guest Speaker Series will have a huge impact on you. The diverse lineup of women with different life experiences and different professional spheres will present different perspectives on what it takes to be a woman in today’s turbulent world. They will bring you tangible tools to be in the world with greater confidence, resilience, strength and self-love.


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