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Savour your one precious life

We receive joy through our senses. We receive everything through our senses.

When did we learn to tune them out? As women, we’ve been socialized not to let those sensations in. To skip over the embodiment of pleasure and get to the next task. To get shit done.

If you, like me, want to spend the years you have left in this miraculous female body actually living inside the experiences – this summer with the Empowered Women’s Circle promises to entice, luxuriate, savor and nourish you.

When you bite into a juicy peach and let the juices run down your arm or hold a lilac up to your nose or roll caramel ice cream around in your mouth – you aren’t just traversing from point A to point B. You are LIVING. These moments of sensual pleasure are not just a series of events on a summer afternoon. They are your life. Don’t miss them.

I’m making a promise to myself right now that, when I’m too old to move through the garden of life, I will have seen, touched, smelled, heard and tasted joy, worthy of the miracle of “me.”

Make yourself the same promise.

Empowered Women’s Circle Community Experience

Spring Rituals of Replenishment

Thursday April 28, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET

Explore pleasure & the five senses

as a way to open up, connect with the pulse of life,

and exhale into a sensual summer.


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