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Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Happy birthday to me!! There is nothing I would rather do on my birthday than send a short message to you with an invitation to get together tomorrow evening! It would be a generous and precious birthday gift if we could share the evening together. So, please consider this my personal invitation to bring a glass of your favorite drink, sit back, relax and absorb the brilliance of our first speaker of the The Empowered Women's Circle Fall 2023 Guest Speaker Series

Pic: Lisa Burchartz, Catherine Hansen, Carolyn Swora (on the lake this summer plotting our EWC conversations)

“As I’ve woken up to the reality that my compulsion for overworking (either as an entrepreneur or employee, the pattern has been the same) is rooted in the trauma from my childhood and the loss of my husband, along with the fact that our workplace systems are designed to encourage and reward working excessively, I have begun to make learning about

how to change these defaults the new focus of my work.” —Carolyn Swora

Carolyn Swora is no stranger to trauma and will share vulnerably about how she has evolved into the woman she is today. Carolyn has a personal connection with Brené Brown as a certified Dare to LeadTM Facilitator and we will glean so many gems from our chat with her tomorrow evening. She is also a two-time author, Podcast host, sought-after Corporate speaker, facilitator and human spirit ignitor who leads culture change and leadership development in organizations all over North America. The global pandemic left us all forever-changed. Some of those changes were adaptive and positive but some would be considered traumatic. And it’s not until we acknowledge and process those traumas that we can fully heal. And this is not something we can do alone. It is for this reason that EWC is bringing a diverse line up of women with different life experiences, different professional spheres and very different perspectives on what it takes to be a woman in today’s turbulent world. Tomorrow evening, exclusively for EWC members, Carolyn will bring tangible tools to be in the world with greater confidence, resilience, strength and self-love. HURRY to join our membership so you don’t miss her talk! It’s totally free for the first month (nothing to lose and everything to gain!). We cannot wait to be with you in Circle!


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