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Life is about more than just surviving

When I went into medical school I was young and naive and my heart was filled with an overflowing desire to help women.

Women let me into their lives. It's an honor and a privilege.

And it’s offered me insight into the struggles that women often face alone. I see how they live in constant ‘survival mode’ so that they can get everything done because they are carrying so much right now.

We are the center of our families.

We are working towards or at the height of our professional careers.

We are holding the 'bigness' of what's going on in the world.

The added stress (and excitement) of life post-pandemic makes holding balance, positivity, and possibility even more challenging, yet more crucial, than ever before.

Women don't have any time left in their day for themselves because we give too much to others and never feel adequate.

As humans, many of us have been just “getting it done” - and sometimes that is necessary and all we can do, but life is not about just “getting it done.”

Life is about pleasure, relationship, beauty, joy – we only have so many minutes on this earth and we need to remind ourselves of the ways we can experience that joy interwoven in our busy lives.

This season in the Empowered Women’s Circle,

we will come out of numbness and

build a summer of savouring

that we can look back on to remember.

This summer, we invite you to focus on

re-connecting with the pulse of life and sourcing replenishment

through the gateway of your 5 senses to experience

the precious moments of joy & pleasure, day to day.

Join us for a soul nourishing summer alongside the EWC Community—we start Thursday May 12th and membership will close after the 2nd session.


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