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Hormone Hell & Midlife Magic

Mid-life is no longer a calculation of the median between when you were born and when you are expected to die. It’s become so much more than a mathematical equation. It’s a phase, a space, a transition. It’s the passage between where you were and where you want to be. It’s the body slowing down, the mind amping up and the soul coming on-line. It’s a time to take stock, buy stock and find yourself. If you’re still here, it’s inevitable. And that’s a good thing. After the busyness of young children or the pain of birthing a career, midlife arrives rather uneventfully. One day you realize maybe you don’t look as good in that cute little dress or your hair feels different. You may notice a few aches in your body, black hairs on your chin and become bothered by losing the car keys (you’ve always lost them only this time you’re really concerned). You may walk by a mirror and see your mother or sign up for any number of body modifications that are pushed on you as a way to take your money in return for a more youthful appearance. Marketers aren’t dumb, they know you have income and wrinkles and age-related fears. As your hormones become a hassle and your mood swings like a pendulum, you will wonder if your body is betraying you and how the battle begins.

But there is magic in these moments. You’ve finally arrived. You can release the expectations of others and sit solidly in your own self-confidence. You’ve lived, you’ve loved, you’ve fallen to the lowest lows and hit the highest highs - you’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. You have nothing to prove. Hormones can cause havoc but there are essential and well-studied ways to feel great again. Libido may plummet but your intimate relationship is ripe for new heights. Sex may be different but it’s fantastic and deeply fulfilling. Sleepless nights are not your ‘new forever’ and you could use the extra time anyway. Now is your time - this morning, this moment, this magic - it’s all yours. You need only to reach out and reclaim it. Focusing on yourself is not selfish and you finally have the resources to relax, so why don’t you? That’s the important question. If not now, when? This upcoming spring/summer season of the Empowered Women's Circle will be a chance to grab a drink, sit in your favourite lounging chair and learn more about your body, your brain and your brilliance.

Midlife: The Meaning, Madness & Magic "Conversations that no one is having" Starting in May - registration is open now!!


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