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Are you connected to your wild side?

I put my “fancy-pants’ panties on today. Bright orange. A color I never wear. The color of the sacral chakra. You may put on “fancy-pants” panties every day. I do not.

But once in a while, I feel this deep desire to secretly play with my wild side. If you’re thinking,

“Wow, Catherine, if putting on orange panties is wild, that’s pathetic.”

So am I.

Which highlights the fact that I need a serious overhaul on my interpretation of wild. I’m a grown-ass woman and the expression of my wild side is done secretly, in my closet on the rare days that I feel a flash of taboo and choose those silky bottoms from the back of my dresser. When did it come to this?

Exactly the moment that I decided, I’m going to re-wild myself and I invite you along for a walk on your wild side too.

Life has been loud lately, drowning out the desires and keeping us focused on treading water. But somewhere in this precious life is an invitation to re-connect inward, take the hand of our overly responsible, cautiously conservative inner self and draw her forward into the raw pleasure of sensual joy.

The experience of joy is just that….an experience.

We invite you to reconnect with you wild side.

Empowered Women’s Circle Community Experience

Spring Rituals of Replenishment Thursday April 28, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET Explore pleasure & the five senses as a way to open up, connect with the pulse of life, and exhale into a sensual summer.


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