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Structure & Surrender

 Cultivate time and energy for what's truly important 

 by harvesting three proven strategies for professional women 

Fall Workshop for Women 

Wednesday September 28, 2022


An Empowered Women's Circle

Fall Workshop for Women

We are in an extraordinary era of history.

Women have the most options and freedom than ever before.

While we have the capacity to do anything, it's too easy to fall into burnout from the various hats we wear.

It's time to Structure and Surrender—a new way for professional women to thrive in the workplace and home.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

If you're ready to: 

  • use structure to create freedom

  • manage your energy, not time

  • expand your capacity to do the things you love—at work & at home

  • create boundaries in your professional life

  • and meet other women who are up to "big things" in the world

You're in the right place!

Join us on Wednesday September 28, 2022 @ 6:30pmCT/7:30pmET

Click here to register for free Fall Workshop for Women (FW4W)!

“It's not what you do but what you don't do - the things you postpone, not the things you accomplish - that make you tired.”

- Donna Otto

We'll cover these 3 strategies proven to help professional women cultivate time & energy

  1. Rest and recovery
    Surrender to the knowing that structuring rest & recovery into your week is in service to being your most effective, highest functioning self (for yourself & others)


  2. Renew your commitment to what matters
    Living life with intention and clear vision (is a high level leadership skill) and is far greater than living in a multi-tasking, distracted, overwhelmed & under-joyed state


  3. Reclaim your time
    Your time is your own - believe it - claim it!

 Wednesday September 28, 2022


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