• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

Your Life Has Arrived

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

We live in a world that has been dominated by a masculine approach. My profession has been, predominantly, lead by men and women who have embodied this approach, including myself.

Medicine and many other professions are focused on structure, timelines, productivity, determination, discipline and physical stamina. Women have been incredibly successful in many realms where they have learned, through years of hard work, to walk, talk and think like a man. And it’s been an essential part of how we have been elevated to our current place in the professional world. We need women to step up and embrace the logic and task-oriented approach that has gained us a seat at the table. I am grateful to those women (and those qualities in all of us) for how far we have come.

Centuries of living in a world created by men, for men, have taught us not to trust our feminine instincts. Yet, many women sense that something is missing. Restlessness and overwhelm have become the norm. Intuition whispers that there is better way. Inner yearnings are waking us up to possibilities that were, until now, impossible.

As a generation, we are the first women to reach for the realization of our fullest potential. It is within our capacity to heal our lives, shape our children and save our world. Our grandmothers struggled to open doors for us and our daughters are counting on us to walk through those doors, break down the walls and shatter the glass ceiling.

A different world is emerging.

A world that the Dalai Lama clearly states will be saved by the Western woman (Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009).

Women who embrace their authenticity.

Women who express their uniqueness.

Women who allow themselves to be seen.

Women who take a stand for other women and create space for ALL to shine. But how?

We dawn our stilettos (or penny loafers), carry our bling-encrusted hand-bag (or backpack) and take a small step for womankind into a male-dominated world and speak our truth. We bring to the table compassion, caring, sensitivity and even tears. We bless our families and offices with flexibility, empathy, creativity and intuitive genius.

We believe, despite what society has been telling us, that we have what it takes to not only succeed but to lead.

We will not achieve the changes we desire by aligning with old stories or false beliefs. The only way to have the life we yearn for it to trust in our capacity to become everything and anything we want to and then take a giant leap to make it real.

Before we “blame” external conditions for fear, depression, anxiety, insomnia or stress, it’s time to look inside. You are your own best advocate and you need to be your own best friend.

If you are waiting for some (any) external situation to arrive before you prioritize yourself, the wait is over!

Your life has arrived; don’t let it pass you by.

Time will not magically appear, believe me, I’ve tried. Abra-ca-da-bra!

“Money does not grow on trees”, says every father everywhere.

Deep and lasting marriages don’t blossom out of neglect and apathy and we should be glad they don’t because fire and passion are so much more fun!

My gift to you is this journaling exercise. Sit quietly and reflect on these 3 questions. You will create deeper self-compassion if you answer with empathy and honesty. Your responses will uncover the path to making a positive change in your life that will feel centered and aligned with your true nature. You may realize something about yourself you didn’t know. My hope is that you learn to listen inward when external noise is deafening, giving you a place to turn for answers that are always true to you.

1. Consider what it would be like to be fully YOU. What if you could take the filters off and stop trying so hard to please others? How would life look if you brought your best to every situation, no exceptions? If you structured life so that you had space for yourself and time to truly feel your creative impulses.

2. Consider what it would mean for others if you owned your power. How would your spouse respond if you greeted him/her, each day, with love, acceptance, non-judgment and committed partnership. Consider the partner you become when you feel so good about yourself and your contribution that you exude happiness in every interaction. What would your home be like if you had time to hear your children’s stories, sing their songs, dance their crazy moves and cuddle them each night?

3. Consider a world inhabited by strong women, like you, stepping into leadership and supporting each other to do the same. Women who understand their own needs, prioritize their own self-care and bring a fully functioning, highly capable, healthy, vital and joyful woman into every life and business interaction?

IImagine what it would mean for you and for the generations that follow if you decide, today, to own your life, extend your gifts, share your knowledge and act on the inner yearnings that are bubbling inside you.

Our Circle shares structured elements that, when practiced daily, incorporated into a disciplined routine, held up for examination, re-evaluated through reflection & shared for others to see, will be the fertilizer inviting each woman to germinate, blossom & grow.

Join our growing wellness movement for like-minded, health-conscious women. Everyone is welcome, especially YOU! Learn more about Blossoming with the Empowered Women’s Circle at https://www.ewcircle.com/diamonds!

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