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Women over 50 having massive impact

I came across the Forbes 50 Over 50 2022: Women Stepping Into Their Power In Life's Second Half article on Linkedin as posted by Arlene Dickinson, CEO at Venture Park. Launched last year, this impressive list spotlights women over the age of 50 "who are shattering age and gender norms across every sector of business, politics, the sciences and society." There were three criteria:

  1. Achievements

  2. Success at scale and, wait for it….

  3. Impact.

This year's list for 200 includes:

  • Diane Hendricks (75) - the most successful female entrepreneur in U.S. history

  • Theresia Gouw (54) - a groundbreaking Silicon Valley venture capitalist

  • Kris Jenner (66) - Hollywood’s most influential stage mom

  • Kentanji Brown-Jackson (52) - the nation’s first Black female Supreme Court Justice

Women over 50 are measuring success differently. Mid-life women are in the prime of their careers, more confident than ever, and most importantly - are committed to making a contribution in the communities they work and live in. Who and how we lead matters and, at 50+, we see that clearly. Wisdom has been well-earned. Respect has been hard-fought. Filters dropped and external expectations dismissed - we have unapologetically arrived. The only thing more impactful than a woman over 50 is a community of us, led by values, hard-driving (but only after morning yoga), and locking arms to amplify each other’s greatness.


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