• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

Why we need each other

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We are busy women, yes! We have children who need us, yes! We have families and partners who depend on us, yes! We have professional lives to function in the world, yes! We need to find time to exercise and resources to eat right, nourish our families and quiet our soul with meditation, prayer and restful sleep and all these things are important. Yes, yes and yes!

But, what is missing is a sense of belonging. A connection to others who face similar, albeit diverse, challenges. A feeling of being less alone as we go through life. We know there are other women, many other women, living in the same stretched, overcommitted and depleted manner, yet we continue in our silos. We function alone in our pain.

The world is changing and women are waking up to the reality that there is more. That life is not meant to be brushed across, rushed through, skimmed over and then end.

Life is not meant to be lived from outside the Circle – it’s time to find yourself in your life.

Each time we connect with another woman, we find a piece of ourselves. Each time we help another woman, we help ourselves. Each time we extend love to another woman, we deepen the love for ourselves.

We each have our own gifts, talents and areas of expertise. We are daughters, mothers, sisters and friends. We are parents, domestic engineers, entrepreneurs, spouses, business owners and professionals. We are so many things to so many people.

We help people heal their bodies, follow their passions, nourish their health, serve their families and manage their expanding roles. We advertise, market, buy and sell. We show people how to detox or relax or communicate better. Then we all go back to our lives. Back to our isolation. Back to our pain.

The link that I crave to create is a community where each woman comes to learn herself through others. She may need a healthier body or a quieter mind. She may need a cleaner environment or a pantry overhaul. She may need more journaling time or a marriage makeover.

But with all these “self improvements” what she really needs are friends. A supportive network of women who are doing life with her, alongside her, in connection TO her. The glue that will hold the pieces of her new and improved life together is a Circle of women who “just get it”.

The exponential impact of having this community will be felt in all she does and all she is.

As she works to strengthen her abs, another woman learns to sleep better and, yet another, deepens into intimacy. As they rise into reaching their goals they lift each other, teach each other and care about each other. She is no longer alone and this sustains her momentum and motivation. It nurtures the awakening of her soul and catalyzes the realization of her dreams.

As your leader, it is my role to guide and mentor. To create the structure and consistency. To be there for you throughout your process. Hold your hand on our journey. To create space and fertilize the soil so you can germinate, blossom and grow. And, in doing that, so can I.

Each woman knows what she needs as she is guided to listen inward. The growth and blossoming is ALREADY happening inside each and every woman. The transformation is in process – it just needs a place to complete and then thrive and then encircle others so they, too, will realize their potential.

The Empowered Women’s Circle provides a consistent community to grow and to sustain our tribe between workdays, programs, workshops and courses. A place to return before and after the things of daily life.

The Empowered Women’s Circle is THE continuity that women need to “stay the course” so life is filled with intention and purpose. A place for women to remain connected to themselves so they continue to participate in the richness and joy of life – every minute of every day.

It’s a place each of us, no matter where we are on our journey, or where we live in the world, crave to return to over and over again.

It’s a place we want and need for all the girls and women we serve as a way to better serve them. To lift them up and help them shine their light into the world.

This is the Empowered Women’s Circle and this is what I came here to do.

If you feel led, I invite you to join our growing tribe.

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