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The Power of Partnership

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

When I opened my blinds and gazed into the dawn sky this morning I was immediately intrigued by a flock of seagulls flying overhead. At first, I was confused, they didn’t look like seagulls at all, they looked more like geese because they were flying in precise formation.

Suddenly, I realized, “of course they are, they have somewhere to go and they need each other to get there.”

It’s the same with women. Just as the birds create a ‘V’ shape to fly, designate a leader and switch out the grueling, energy-draining job of flying up front, so do successful women.

The birds who are within the pack find it easier, rest their wings and don’t need to expend so much fuel to reach their destination, as with collaborative women.

The birds who missed their wake-up call, find themselves fledgling behind, flapping and trying desperately to be included in the ease of flow provided by the formation, so do women who try to ‘go it alone’.

Women have been collaborating and supporting each other for years. Indigenous cultures have talking circles and cooperative parenting integrated deeply into the fabric of their communities. The amazing stories of women helping women is not new. And yet, for some reason, women have begun to isolate. As we become a technologically advanced society and women have been driven more and more by a masculine definition of success, we’ve lost touch with our greatest allies, each other. We’ve actually started to believe that, to get ahead, we need to be fiercely independent, fully autonomous and show strength at every turn. Modern books would have us believe that to get the corner office we need to shun the idle chit-chat, spend hours behind our computer and delay having children until our ovaries are dying or dead.

Well, maybe you’ve noticed, times are changing!

“We cannot become ourselves, by ourselves.” – Claire Zammit PhD, Feminine Power

Embracing our femininity means believing that the very qualities that make us female are the ones that fertilize our success. When we lean into our strengths and the qualities that make us excellent mothers, nurturers and connectors, we bring teams together, fan the flames of creativity, and pump more than our breasts – we push up productivity in every organization we lead. Companies with women at the top levels of leadership have proven greater productive output and return on investment than male-run organizations over and over again. Setting ‘quotas’ on women in leadership is more about improving outcomes than political gain.

Putting emotionally intelligent women around the table with forward-thinking men doesn’t just elevate the conversation, it creates collaborative working environments, develops more effective communication and builds a connected workforce.

Getting ahead in a “lift as you climb” world infers just as much being lifted as lifting. Women are rising like never before in history. We’ve reached a time when our survival as a species is almost guaranteed (at least in the short span of our lifetime unless we completely destroy our earth…..but that's a different topic).

We have been freed up from the day-to-day survival of hunting and gathering so that we can focus on higher pursuits like education, professional passions, greater contribution and our unique purpose. We’ve taken the vote, the boardroom and, yes, the corner office.

The next step in our up-leveling is to realize that, unless we climb on each other’s shoulders, we’re not getting any higher. Women need other women, and highly conscious men, to continue this journey of becoming our best selves. Personal mastery is personal but it’s not individual. We all have a part to play in creating the world we want to live in today and the legacy we leave behind for future generations. What’s your part? What’s your genius? What’s the unique gifts and talents that only you can offer the world?

What makes your heart sing? Whatever it is, do that.

And don’t wait another minute to get started. Use your precious life to reach your fullest potential. Start where you are right now - share the formation or lead the flock – just flap those beautiful wings and join the collective flow. And, above all, know that you don’t have to do it alone.

Reflection questions:

1. What makes your heart sing? Don’t think too hard, just journal the answer.

2. What is the most important thing that you are working on right now in your life?

3. Relating to #2, do you have support for this?

a. If yes, who and how are they helping you?

b. If no, ask yourself why not? I challenge you to consider that people who truly care about you will want to support you – reach out today and open those conversations

Imagine what it would mean for you and for the generations that follow if you decide, today, to own your life, extend your gifts, share your knowledge and act on the inner yearnings that are bubbling inside you.

Our Circle shares structured elements that, when practiced daily, incorporated into a disciplined routine, held up for examination, re-evaluated through reflection & shared for others to see, will be the fertilizer inviting each woman to germinate, blossom & grow.

Join our growing wellness movement for like-minded, health-conscious women. Everyone is welcome, especially YOU! Learn more about Blossoming with the Empowered Women’s Circle at https://www.ewcircle.com/diamonds!

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