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Rediscover your joy & freedom

It’s Lisa here, your somatic mindfulness practitioner and Empowered Women's Circle co-facilitator… I see you. I see the dedication, the sacrifices, and the relentless list of responsibilities that keep you in a state of 'there's never enough time'. I also know from personal experience the toll it’s taking. You're navigating a relentless treadmill of busyness, where every minute is accounted for, and times of fun and spontaneity feel like a distant memory. Perhaps there’s a heavy weight on your chest, knots in your stomach, and a sense of isolation that doesn’t go away despite being surrounded by people you love and care for. And most of all, there’s a sense of exhaustion that's quietly numbing your vibrant spirit. But here's the truth: You are not alone. And there's another way, a different way, to navigate the demands of your life. There's a wisdom within you. You have a spark that's been waiting to reignite. It's time to reconnect with that inner flame and rediscover the path to more fulfillment and joy.

When I received the invitation to join the Empowered Women's Circle three years ago, I was at a crossroads. Burnout had left me feeling depleted, not good enough, and crushed by the weight of professional and family responsibilities. I honestly didn't believe I had the capacity to take on one more commitment. I knew something needed to change, yet I felt overwhelmed and unaccustomed to receiving support. I followed the deeper calling of my heart, attended a Circle with dear friend Milisa Burns, and met Dr.Catherine Hansen, becoming a member of The Empowered Women’s Circle.

It was a decision that transformed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, learned to honor my authentic needs and express my true self. In essence, I met myself again. This newfound clarity and courage led me to reshape my career, aligning it with my passion and purpose (we all have one inside us waiting to be heard). The Empowered Women's Circle provided me with the nurturing and empowering environment I needed to complete certification trainings in somatic mindfulness and share my gifts with the world. It's not just a community of support; it's a platform for transformation, growth, and endless possibilities. Now, I’d love to pay it forward by inviting you to our Fall Speaker Series: "Women & Reclamation: How 4 Women took control of their time, energy, and life to ignite change." Sounds too good to miss right? That’s because it is. This Speaker Series, starting September 21st, was created so you can hear from women who have experienced challenges in their own spheres and the ways they have developed solutions to help them thrive. Some of those solutions may be game-changing for you (or you may bring some of your own that deeply impacts another woman in the Circle). That’s why it’s a Circle - a never-ending ring of support and strength.


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