• Carolina Batres

Morning Hikes in Honduras

I am not an early morning riser.

I truly enjoy my 7 to 8 hours of sleep and my bedtime is usually between 10 and 10:30 pm. Waking up at 4:30 am on the weekends is a big challenge for me. It takes my brain a few minutes to get my body out of bed, and to get ready for the most challenging workout of the week, it usually takes 3 to 4 hours!

We have chosen mountain hikes in an attempt to explore all the beautiful spots around the capital city of Honduras that we have heard so much about. This time we chose a place called “Las Golondrinas.” We didn’t know exactly what to expect, except we knew the view would be breathtaking.

On the drive to these hikes, my husband and I like to listen to personal development audibles. For the last few weeks we’ve been listening to Bob Goff’s “Dream Big.” One story really struck—on December 17th 1903 at 10:35 am, the first man powered flight by the Wright Brothers took place. But it wasn’t like BANG! All of a sudden an airplane flew and the world was shown that man powered flight was possible. It took years of work, perseverance and focus to achieve the end result they wanted, but most people just know the story of “they did it.”

These were the things going through my head as we were driving. Going to an unknown destination. Preparing without knowing what to expect, but planning for the most difficult hike we could imagine...the destination? A waterfall at the end of the hike and I had no idea how l

ong it would take us to arrive.

We arrived at the starting area and learned enough to know that we wouldn’t be needing extra supplies. We started climbing, a small drizzle falling on our faces, smelling the forest and the country smoke coming from rural homes that told us they were probably getting ready for their morning coffee. We heard every sound surrounding us, and 10 minutes into the climb I was definitely questioning why I had decided to come in the first place.

“Ok, ok, don’t think that right now”, I told myself. “Just keep climbing and fix your mind and thoughts on the anticipated view an hour or more ahead.”

At midpoint some of the people coming with us stopped the climb and started going down into a flat rocky and clay area that had a mini–Grand Canyon feel to it—a flat surface overlooking a beautiful forest and the creek running through it. So beautiful, imperfect and yet perfect. We stayed there for a few minutes and then continued our climb up the mountain.

The terrain changed a bit. Wide trails turned to very narrow ones, we crossed a creek, and at times crawled alongside big rocks to finally make it to the waterfall. There is something about nature that embodies you and lets you appreciate how perfect creation is. It makes your mind still. It gives you a clarity of thoughts on what is important and what isn’t. All the while we continued on this new journey, using skills we had built up over the last month, and it turned out it was the easiest hike of them all, and the payoff was this amazing waterfall. All it would have taken was accepting a single discouraging thought, and I might have missed this amazing morning.

So many times, things we think will be difficult, are not that bad (not COVID tests, those were the worst 😊 ), but we should keep moving forward looking for our next big success or revelation. Then you will find yourself flying, maybe in a way no one has ever flown before.

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