• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

Moments like these.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today is the beginning of a new era. How do I know that? Because I decided.

As long as we continue along our merry way, letting life meander through the jagged shores of responsibility and the tumultuous waterfalls of obligation, the flow just continues on and on and on without any real direction or destination. There are times in life when this approach is soothing, nurturing and necessary.

But when it comes to health and well-being, a decision is required. We are not going to get (or stay) healthy just by doing what we have always done.

For the last several months, we have discussed the basic principles of physical health but today, we make a decision to incorporate our mind into our bodily practices.*

Your mind has over 60 000 thoughts per day. Don’t believe them all!

We are hard-wired to have a predilection for the negative. If we get 10 compliments and 1 criticism, which one will keep us awake at night? You got it! It will be Aunt Susie’s comment about the way we are raising our kids that will stick with us for days, weeks or until the next family gathering. Aunt Susie won’t remember but we will!

Understanding this human tendency frees us up from being a victim to it. Allow me to share a little secret that may change your life….YOU control of your thoughts!

You can choose the happy ones or the sad ones and you can even implant brand new ones. When you realize this fact, it can be both empowering and implicating. It’s great to know that you can alter your thoughts but it also means that when you are down in the dumps you have only yourself to blame. That can be frustrating if you are someone who is always looking externally for the reasons your life sucks.

The stark reality is that your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your reality. So, in essence, your life is like a script that YOU write every day.

Do you believe you are always going to be fat? Do you accept that you can’t cook healthy food so you must go out to eat? Do you assume that because your joints hurt, you can’t exercise?

If you are with me so far, we can go one level deeper. Our mind bakes up our thoughts from the ingredients provided to it by our beliefs that are embedded deep within us from younger life experiences.

All of us carry unconscious beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of from our childhood. For some, these beliefs elevate us and for others they hold us back.

Unexplored, these beliefs can misguide us into thinking we are something we are not or that certain life fortunes are impossible for us. But questioned, molded and shaped to our advantage, beliefs will become a whole new life.

Believe you are healthy, fit, vibrant and fully alive!

Think what healthy people think and DO those things!

Take daily actions that will, over time, cultivate a new, invigorating, healthy lifestyle.

Health is a choice; a thought that leads to an action that, ultimately, over time, becomes a new you.

Try this:

1. Imagine the qualities you admire in yourself or someone you respect and write these characteristics down on poster paper in BIG LETTERS. Use a sentence that starts with “I am…” and post it where you will see it every day. My poster reminds me, “I am capable, compassionate and playful.” On the days when I am taking life too seriously, I have a visible reminder that life is meant to be fun and it makes me smile and ACT differently.

2. The next time you feel anger, frustration or overwhelm, sit alone & count slowly until your body (the physical expression of your emotion) feels calm again. Without judgement, ask yourself if your interaction with that guy at work would have been the same if you hadn’t taken an ‘adult time-out’. Not likely.

3. Choose a habit you need to change, write a new sentence about that habit and post it. For example, “I love and eat vegetables with every meal.” Or “I am fit and healthy and enjoy the gym 3x/week.” Or “I love the results I get when I meditate daily.”

Digging out your underlying beliefs can be difficult but life-altering and rewarding. Recognizing the beliefs that inform your actions and, therefore, everything that’s possible for you, requires a competent and experienced guide. Join our Circle to learn more about yourself & new ways to get healthy: EWCircle.com

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