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Updated: Jan 28

We live in a world that has expectations of us and those pressures, some subtle and some very overt, have been with us a long time. Likely our entire lives. The pressures imposed on us from the adults who raised us, the teachers who schooled us, the friends who bullied us, the employers who pay us, the media that surrounds us and even our family who has come to see us a certain way, continue to inform who are and define who we hope to become.

We are in constant evaluation of how we are being perceived and shape-shifting ourselves into the form we think will get us the highest regard: The most acceptance and love.

When we were small, that love and acceptance equated to our survival but the need to conform and the constant seeking are no longer serving us.

It’s no wonder that, with all these impositions, we can’t really feel the natural unfolding of our life: The life intended for us from the moment we were conceived. We can't hear the whispers of God.

As *EWC Blossoms worked together last week, I realized that the struggles some had with creating a vision are related to the place that that vision is being “sourced” from.

We are part of nature just like the birds and the trees and they don’t seem to question their higher purpose, they just allow nature to unfurl and instincts to lead. They accept and let go and we thrive by doing the same.

As I sat and listened to the seeds of your visions, I realized that each time you tapped into a deep yearning that was flowing from inside of you, it was quickly shut down by the external noise. The voice saying, “your not enough”, “that’s not possible for you”, “that’s too big” or “not yet, you’re not ready”.

As women, we have become overly attuned to that voice and it keeps us focused on things that don’t really matter. It implores us to expand our vision in unnatural ways with lists or tasks that would make us feel more worthy, more accomplished, more loved.

More importantly, the inner dialogue distracts us from priorities that, if fully blossomed from within, would have us transformed into full expressions of our true selves (the women we came here to be). That woman is ready to emerge or you wouldn’t be in this conversation.*

But how?

If you sense a restlessness or yearning that is not fully realized, those hints are telling you it’s time. It’s time to listen inward. Carve out space. Sit in silence. Pray. Meditate. Expect nothing. Observe the resistance. Acknowledge the persistent messages that it can’t be done or it’s the wrong time and release them. Bless them, forgive them and let them go. Smile. Breathe. Extend love to the playful child within who wants to dance. Play with her. Let her sing.

In your clearest moments, your deepest desires will crystalize and, with practice and perseverance, you will be able to follow them through without fear. You will stay in your confidence and power, feeling abundant and grateful. Let them take form as you smell their beauty and sense their greatness. Don’t block the excitement that slowly wells up when you stop pushing it down.

That excitement that you feel is the knowledge that you are on the right path and to follow it. Run with it. Enjoy it. It’s the flint of possibility that’s ready to be ignited. It’s the flicker of curiosity that needs your fuel. It’s the flames that need fortitudinous fanning. Follow it. Feel it. Don’t fear it. Let courage be your guide.

After you sit with this desire long enough that you can actually see it in your life, put pen to paper and describe it. Dismiss the inner critic and create the story of your dreams. It’s a depiction of your deepest yearning, the seeds of your potential, the sun beams of your vision and the reality that is already yours. It is already destined to be.

As women, we don’t let ourselves feel our desires because our mind gets in the way and fear creeps in. We constrict under the external voices that remind us we have kids to care for, partners to please, jobs to do and dishwashers to empty. It’s not until we liberate ourselves from old stories that we can really see, feel and touch the unrealized potential of our existence as powerful women on a planet that needs our help.

When we try to find our purpose from within the confines of an external reality that keeps us pushing deadlines, striving for promotions, driving carpool and making meals, we will never find it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If we tell ourselves that we are happy with things just the way they are but secretly ponder a higher purpose, we aren’t the only ones who suffer. The world also misses out on the greatness of the contribution we came here to make; the legacy we are destined to leave.

In each moment, we have a choice: To live inside the external expectation of our roles and responsibilities or to craft a life from the deepest place within our soul. This doesn't mean that the responsibilities aren't managed and the errands aren’t run but it DOES mean that we arrange them in alignment with a guiding light that is bigger and brighter than our daybook.

You can’t do it alone but you must do it on your own.

The Empowered Women’s Circle* is here to sponsor your vision and fertilize your growth.

We are prepared to hold space as you set specific intentions, fulfill on personal goals and metamorphose naturally into you: The real you.

The you that feels authentic and aligned.

The you that just IS.

*To join our Diamond Members as we Blossom together go HERE.

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