• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

Do you want to be part of a better world? It’s a real question.

Do you want to be part of a better world? It’s a real question.

Why are we, the Empowered Women’s Circle, gathering daily, weekly & monthly with others in our tribe? It’s simple. Because we are strong, influential women yearning to actualize our highest potential as an integrative part of humanity.

We are not just advocating an individual growth process. We are not just promoting one book, one method, one course, one program or one way.

While we are not a diet, nutrition, weight loss, exercise, sleep, meditation or relationship regime, we believe that all of these facets of well-being belong in this conversation about bringing our best to the world.

Through all that we do together, our Circle offers a journey inward to find answers that are already germinating inside each of us. It’s a lasting and peaceful way to know ourselves SO THAT we can know each other.

Reaching highest destiny involves being in relationship with others. It involves connecting with others. It necessitates being with (at least on some level) the people we agree with; people we disagree with; people who have loved us; people who have harmed us; all people along our path & in contract with our soul.

Being the best you is not about having best-selling books, highest SEO, incredible wealth, fast cars, high cheekbones or an award winning physique. It’s about ALL of those things or none of those things, according to the natural order & organic unfolding of life. And not just your life. The full equation involves being part of a bigger, integrated whole.

Personal mastery and personal growth are not personal at all. Ultimately, they involve reaching a hand to those who may be lost or hurting or wildly successful for all the wrong reasons. It’s shining our own light bold & bright to illuminate the path for those who are, as yet, less self-aware than ourselves.

It’s wanting for others what we desire for ourselves BECAUSE we care about all people as if they were us. In fact, they are. There is no “them”, only “us” occupying our planet.

The mindset that has led our world to where we are now will not take us to the next level (personally or collectively). A new perspective is needed. A lens that sees each human being as an essential part of a beautiful whole and, in doing so, helps each unique individual leverage God-given gifts to move us forward.

Our Circle shares structured elements that, when practiced daily, incorporated into a disciplined routine, held up for examination, re-evaluated through reflection & shared for others to see, will be the fertilizer inviting each woman to germinate, blossom & grow.

What are the elements, you ask? We share them openly and freely within our Empowered Women’s Circle and you are invited to explore as often as you wish: EWCircle.com

With our lovely EWC members at the May Live Event!t

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