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Let's get juicy!

This past week I noticed something very interesting. There was a news article about menopause on mainstream Canadian news. I have to admit - I did a little happy dance! We've made it to mainstream news - mid-life women are now "newsworthy".

Does this mean that suddenly everything will change and our health and well-being will be a priority - not likely. But it DOES mean that conversations can be more open and women who have been uncertain, curious or confused can feel more comfortable asking for answers about mid-life, menopause and, yes, sex!

With all that is going on in the world today, it’s unlikely you’ve had time to consider your sexual energy…or maybe you find yourself cocooned at home with nothing else to do but snuggle and…well...that.

In preparation for some consulting work I'm doing, I’ve been spending a lot of long walks considering what it means to embrace and own our femininity in today’s world.

For me, it means moving my awareness from my mind where I spend most of my waking hours into my hips. Yes, placing my awareness in my hips and pelvis.

Try it.

Feel that?

I sure did! What an amazing feeling to get out of my head and into my body.

The harder part is to stay there because there are so many things that grab our attention and take us into problem-solving mode. Dropping into our pelvis, abdomen and hips takes us from reaction into creation. It’s mystical and sacred and makes sense on so many levels that we co-create life from this place within our body (human life or project life – all birthed from our creative center of our body).

Have you ever experienced a sudden creative idea and thought to yourself, where did that come from?

Have you ever walked into a room and had a gut instinct about something or someone that turned out to be profoundly accurate?

Do you believe these things happen by chance? So did I for a very long time. Then I started to play with it and trust it and even rely on it and “it” never let me down. Never.

Our body comes hard-wired to provide us with messages but not just responsive messages, also Divine messages that seemingly come out of nowhere. Those are the whispers that take on life and become the grand ideas that alter the course of people’s lives.Like inventions, compositions, artistry, poems, plays or masterpieces.

For me, the Empowered Women's Circle emerged in that way. Even though these ideas don’t "appear" without hard work, the original spark can be traced back to something deep within that only makes sense if it’s cultivated, nurtured, fostered and revealed in all its grandeur and beauty. Five years later, the EWC is up to amazing things with women that would not have been possible if I hadn't been willing to listen.

Women have far more access to this instinct than men and always have but, over the years and through the hardship and oppression, we’ve been groomed to shut it down. We’ve been ridiculed or even punished for listening inward, let alone acting on those impulses. We’ve learned to be quiet and pretend we don’t know or maybe express uncertainty and ask for help.

Awakening our feminine power means learning to listen to ourselves again. It means having faith. It means stepping up and out with courage and strength to declare what we know, to express who we are and to take what is ours.

For women to remain disconnected from their own body, to stay busy with the stresses of life, to remain distracted by the chatter in their mind, to prioritize everyone else over and above themselves is to lose touch with a sacred and essential part of our ancestry.

As a gynecologist, I am writing a prescription for you to experience your body in a new way this weekend - go do the juicy wiggle!

Oh yes you can! I just did :)


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