• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

An official introduction to someone you know well!

I woke up this morning with an excited optimism for EWC and the year ahead. As you’ve heard, this time of year is one of my favorites because of all the warmth and love I feel as I reflect on the year past.

And I’m a planner!

The year ahead is a wide open, blank slate of opportunities that I intend to embrace. Until I met my husband, I thought everyone planned like I do. Turns out, he doesn’t. For a long time I thought that he was broken but I’ve learned that his lack of planning will often leave us open to spontaneous experiences that we would have missed if we were all booked up.

Flowing with excitement, I headed to my home office at 6am to continue my process of laying out our year and I was stopped in my tracks.

How could I move into these new plans if I hadn’t whole-heartedly expressed gratitude for 2019? At our December EWC monthly live event, we ceremonially harvested the celebrations, composted the teachings and released what wasn’t serving us from 2019. But, I’m not quite ready to let it go....

At least not until I acknowledge this amazing person who impacted my life over the last year. If you are reading this, she has touched your life too!

Let me officially introduce Migdalia Hernandez, my personal assistant and community coordinator for the Empowered Women's Circle. She is also my business associate, administrative organizer, brain-share, mastermind, reality-checker and “hands and feet”. My kids adore her and Jeremy deeply respects and counts on her in so many ways.

The Empowered Women’s Circle took a big leap this year and it is totally and completely because of this amazing woman.

When I realized I couldn’t do it alone any longer, I posted an ad for an assistant. But I wasn’t just looking for just any assistant, I needed someone who cared about the world the way I do. I yearned for someone who could see the big picture, yet keep us focused on the finite tasks. I needed a woman who was brave enough to dream big, grounded enough to recognize the priorities and bore the confidence necessary to reel me when I went off track. I advertised for an assistant but what I got was a partner.

Migs is intelligent, focused and organized but she is also socially aware, highly conscious and takes a fierce stand for righteousness. She is the epitome of someone who is using her life to play the infinite game.

By far, Migdalia was my greatest advocate and supporter in 2019. Because of her, the Empowered Women’s Circle has the infrastructure, order, heart and soul to take it to the next level in 2020.

For her, I am deeply grateful and, with her at my side, I am outrageously optimistic! Thanks Migs!

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