• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

A Year of Sacred Surrender

January is a natural time to start anew and to allow yourself to get excited about what’s next for your family, your marriage, your health and for YOURSELF.

My intention this year is to include myself at every juncture and I invite you to join me. With these exercises and the ones that will follow throughout 2021, I encourage you to consider the ways YOU envision your life unfolding. I invite you to lean into all the ways you will enjoy the greatest level of fulfillment possible as we enter a new phase. In the end, it’s all about participating in the richness of life and experiencing the joy that is yours.

1. ALIGNMENT - Ask yourself what is the “big-picture” agenda for my life? What is the legacy I want to leave behind? What do I want others to say about me when I’m gone? What am I really, really good at that comes natural to me and brings fulfillment? If you cannot feel and name the guiding principal of your life, you cannot expect to reach your fullest potential. If you have trouble, connect with EWCircle.com where we explore these questions in service to our personal growth and get the support you need. Only you can know this about yourself but, with help and guidance, these answers are available to anyone who truly seeks them.

2. CLARITY - After you sit with these questions for a while, consider a vision that ignites excitement for you and write it down. This vision may start really big but now is the time to shrink it down into a measurable, specific, time-sensitive personal goal for the year ahead. It should feel exiting, not overwhelming. It should create positive energy, not dread or fear. Imagine it, draft it, draw it, write it and dance it. You will make it happen so allow yourself to feel the joy that comes when you see it done.

3. COMMITMENT - Now that you can see, feel and sense the greatness of the potential that lies dormant inside you, consider your level of commitment to the journey that lies ahead this year. Nothing worth doing is easy and this won’t be stress-free. Things will get in your way. How will you deal with setbacks? How will you set yourself up for success? What will you say when people question you or call you selfish for focusing on your dreams? Where will you reach out for support when the wind beneath your sails has drained and the “stuff” of life feels more important? Make your list now for who will take the kids when you’ve carved out time but someone is sick at school. Which days or weeks will you hold sacred so that one hundred percent of your energy and attention can go to your project?

This year, I am bringing something new for you, our Empowered Women’s Circle, so stay tuned for an entire year of exercises that connect the elements of wellness at a whole new level. The age we live in defines wellness as, not just physical but, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial. Each wedge of the wellness wheel relies on the others for balance, stability and whole-hearted living.

I recommend you find a beautiful notebook that you will use all year to reflect on these questions. At the end of this heart-centered journey that we are taking together, your journal will serve as a reminder of the year you finally made space in your life for YOU!

We can’t do it all at once so, for now, embrace the exercises and reserve dedicated time on your schedule to sink into them until we meet again in the Spring.

Each year I find a word or phrase to envelope the meaning of the year ahead; this year my phrase is ‘SURRENDER to what’s SACRED’.

Credit to: Claire Zammit PhD, Founder of Feminine Power

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