• Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

Special day to be married to an astronaut.

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

As today is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, it’s a special day to be married to an astronaut. We are spending this week in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, Canada, celebrating this historic event and, more importantly, sharing how the future of the space program promises to inspire and unite our country and others. Forward-thinking international leaders are sitting on the cusp of exceptionally compelling goals. Depending on how they are received, these goals have the potential to advance science and technology in extraordinary ways and, ultimately, to inspire and unify the world toward a collective vision.

When I met Jeremy in 2002, he was partway through pilot training to become a fighter pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces. Those were exciting times for him and I was quickly scooped into his work and his world. As I reflect on those days, I remember being in awe of his focus. He was working hard and training daily toward an overall vision of becoming the best possible pilot he could be and there was nothing that would deter him from that path. In 2009, he conquered another lifetime dream when he was recruited the Canadian Astronaut Corp as one of only 2 people chosen from a well-qualified applicant pool of 5300 Canadians. While it’s true that he wants to fly in space and that that dream propels him forward each day, it’s become so much more than just a seat on a rocket that drives him. It’s his passion to make a real difference with his unique gifts in the time he has on this planet (any beyond).

He holds tight to one over-arching notion that, through his daily actions and decisions, he can make the world a better place. While he wears multiple hats in the Canadian Armed Forces, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, his solitary focus is to leverage space technology and cultivate big ideas in order to ignite a generation, catalyze creative thinking and motivate people to their fullest potential.

That’s what gets him up every morning. He’s the most gritty guy I know!

As I prepare this message for our Empowered Women’s Circle, I am reminded that this is exactly what is required from each of us in order to live an awakened life in service to our highest calling: Unprecedented concentration and laser focus on what matters most.

If we want to make a difference with our life, we need to stop colluding with old stories, investing energy in useless drama and play a bigger game.

As I work with our very first cohort of Seedlings, we have drafted visions, rooted into core values, set foundational daily wellness practices, established blossom triads for support and accountability and begun our “next steps” on the journey that will catalyze our greatest potential over the next 3 months.

When we look back, we will have laughed, cried, won, lost, learned and emerged victorious for having taken the risk and given it our best shot. No matter the outcome. Because anything in life that receives our complete concentration is an opportunity to grow, change, shed old layers and expand in new directions.

I’m excited to report that, as of this week, our Seedlings have launch! And it's particularly special that we are celebrating our "launch" on the same day as the mind-boggling feat that put humans on the moon on July 20th, 1969.

We, too, are launching! Not exactly to the moon but to a place equally as amazing - the pinnacle of our own life.

We are taking small, intentional steps that put us in mission control for our future. We are not wafting in the breeze, flailing around or flying directionless amidst the chaos and complexity of external pressures any longer. We are getting out of survival mode and into the confident realization that we are the authority on our lives.

We have prepared ourselves for liftoff over the last several weeks, taken the time to accurately set the GPS and, together, through loving support and accountability we will adjust our bearings along the way.

With each day we have the choice to follow the steps laid out or fall back into old habits.

Every new sunrise is an opportunity to read our personal vision and re-focus on the task at hand.

Each time we gather with our Empowered Women’s Circle we can share and garner support for our journey.

Everything we need to succeed is here in our Circle.

We may be taking small steps but we are inspiring giant leaps for womenkind!

If you are ready for lift-off and you’d like to Blossom with the Empowered Women’s Circle by becoming a Seedling, you can register for the next cohort which is starting very soon: https://www.ewcircle.com/

Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada

Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Canada

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