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re-opening spring 2020.

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Diamond Membership

  • Weekly Group Coaching with Dr.Catherine Hansen (Blossom Process)

  • Access to the private Diamond Facebook Community

  • Exclusive Workshop Videos

  • Blossoming: A Workbook, Journal & Guide Digital ebook

  • One of Kind Tools created by Dr.Hansen to support your health & wellness journey


  • FREE in-person Live Event attendance (retail $20)

  • Unlimited access to Live Event recordings

  • Exclusive Videos with new, highly valuable content added regularly

Diamond Membership is closed and will re-open in Spring of 2020!

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My Diamond membership is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Through the Blossom Process and with Dr.Hansen's guidance, I have learned invaluable lessons, skills and ways to be in the world. I am lucky to have found this group of women- I no longer have to face life alone and there is a great sense of hope & possibility for my life heading into  2020.


Oh my gosh - I use strategies from this group everyday. I use the wellness wheel everyday as a growth tool. That was impactful. I still do my daily gratitude. That was very impactful. Learning to peel back the layers to find out what was really causing some issues in my life was... that was life-changing. My family can attest to that. It's the best gift I have ever given myself and it's the best gift that's been with my family. 


The EWC has helped me look inside and find my destiny project. It's the air beneath my wings, as it were. While I have pursued other types of female-focused personal development in the past, the more directly connected nature of EWC has provided me with greater consistency.  As a diamond member, the weekly meetings are like going to a club to meet your high-functioning friends who are ready to help me hold myself accountable to the actions and practices that will make me the best version of myself. 

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