"I looked up the term "legacy" and it summarized what was already in my heart: to focus on what will endure."

My Passion

"By the grace of God I came to be a part of the Nightingale Nursing School project in Siguatepeque, Honduras — it has become my passion, purpose and legacy. I looked up the term "legacy" and it summarized what was already in my heart: to focus on what will endure. Its about passing on things of lasting value to those who will live on after us. It involves living intentionally and aiming to build into the next generations for their success."

-Carolina Batres

Nightingale Nursing School

Siguatepeque, Honduras

The Nightingale Nursing School's project featured is on and the site has a pictorial summary of the construction project that began in 2016. It also has a thorough presentation that describes the history of the educational program and the impact it is having on the lives of impoverished young people who are becoming frontline health care providers throughout the central region of Honduras.

Our Purpose

The Siguatepeque Nightingale curriculum and instructional certification model implemented by Episcopal priest, Rev. Vaike Madisson, under the auspices of Bishop Lloyd Allen, is now being seen by other Honduran communities as the ideal way to engage capable, but impoverished young people in mission-based careers which fill in the gaps of the financially collapsed public health system in Honduras.

Indeed, during our recent planning sessions with Bishop Allen in Honduras, we agreed that expansion of the school's nursing education and community health service methods is now considered by the diocese as a strategic mission element for growth of the Episcopal church's role in healing Honduras; physically and spiritually.

The People

Make a Difference


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IDLife, a trusted health and wellness company has provided me with the opportunity and platform to raise funds so that we can complete the building and provide scholarships for nurses, doctors, and contribute to the overall health care system of Honduras.

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