EWC 4 Steps

1. Embody our Shared Agreements (they are the fuel of our community)
2. Commit. Make an absolute commitment to be radiant! We have a habit of putting ourselves last, but doing so has long term consequences. So commit for the greater us!
3. Act. Community is a vital part of the Empowered Women's Circle. Join our closed Facebook group where we gather to engage with each other, enable one another through accountability & support, and start taking the small steps necessary to bring OUT the best YOU!
4. Support your health goals and the community at the same time with IDLife.  



1. We show up in our power and participate fully, knowing we will receive benefit in direct proportion to what we extend to the group.


2. If we have questions/concerns that pertain to personal challenges that need deeper support we agree to ask for help and utilize resources to get the help we need. We are 100% responsible for our own well-being.


3. We share resources and generate support for each other. We celebrate, mirror & amplify the power of other women. Approval to solicit offers within the Circle will be based on how it aligns with the EWC and serves the membership.


4. We respect each other's opinions, do not impose our own views on others and utilize open, heart-centered dialogue to share our viewpoints.

5. We take inspired and generative action each week knowing that this will, ultimately, elevate the entire group. 

6. We are an inclusive group that extends acceptance, love and support to anyone who shows up to be part of our Circle. Zero negativity!


Make a 3 month commitment. Period. Real change comes from the repetitive actions we take daily and weekly and not from the moment of fleeting motivation. To be part of this group, you are commiting to supporting it and it supporting you for 3 months.

The commitment is meant to be simple and achievable:

1. Attend/Listen/Watch the weekly Empowered Women's Circle session (less than 30min). 


2. Create a quiet/meditative space for yourself once per week (10min).


3. Exercise once per week (15-60 min). 


4. Creating a better us. We will each identify one personal goal that we are working towards long term. You don't need to set this right away, we will work together to help you identify it. But once we set it, you will commit to taking five actions in support of that goal each week (5 small steps/week). Maybe it is related to your emotional self, relationships, finances, spirituality or your health. Whatever your vision, we will help each other create it, knowing that it is the smallest repetitive actions that ultimately will bring it into reality.


These are the absolute minimum that you are commiting to do each week. The accountability and support for one another will start with these simple actions.


Community is vital part of the Empowered Women's Circle. Use the free Stickk app as a community tool for accountability & join our closed Facebook group where we gather to enable one another through accountability & support, and start taking the small steps necessary to bring the best YOU!

Facebook Closed Group:

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/drhansenreclaim/

2. Request to Join The Empowered Women's Circle closed Facebook group.

3. Introduce yourself to the group!

Stickk App:

1. Download the Stickk app at https://www.stickk.com/

2. Click here and follow the instructions to join the EWC stickk community


Our community must be sustainable and I'm excited that we have an awesome path forward to bring value to ourselves and society while financially supporting this group and it's members. As wellness leaders, we understand the value of nutrition in today's world through proper diet and nutrient supplementation. While it is possible to get the nutrients you need through food alone, the reality is that most of us do not. Therefore, we are routinely referring our clients to IDLife to educate, manage and supply their supplementation needs.


By doing something you should be doing anyway, you can support the sustainability of the Empowered Women's Circle.

Supporting the Empowered Women's Circle through IDLife is based completely on the honor system. There is no obligation whatsoever. Let your heart guide you. If you want to try the group for a while first to ensure it serves you, don't feel obliged to obtain your supplementation through IDLife. But just understand that this is a simple, mutually beneficial way to bring valuable content to the circle. The more we support the circle financially, the more value and good we can collectively bring to the world.